Acteon is a mortal boy who goes to MOA. He has a crush on Artemis, the goddessgirl of the hunt and the moon. Despite other mortal boys, he is one of the most mentioned and he makes more appearances in the series. 


Though Acteon doesn't have an illustration, he is described as having brown hair and blue eyes.


Acteon is kind and easy-going. He is seen to be very forgiving, accepting Artemis's apology for turning him into a stag immediately and without hesitation. He can take a joke, and can make any situation humorous. He has a shy side, as seen when he had trouble confessing to Artemis that he liked her.


  • He and Artemis like each other, and he kissed her on the cheek in the book The Girls Games (though it was Aphrodite who pushed Artemis into Acteon)
  • He has been turned into a stag by Artemis, and states that the horns are very heavy and that he can't understand how the animals run so fast with them.