Siblings: Eris
Friends: Aphrodite
Enemies: Hades (formerly)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Relationships: Aphrodite (On-Off)
God Of: War

Ares is the godboy of war, and the athlete of MOA. Aphrodite has eyes for him, and he was voted the most handsome godboy at MOA. Despite being a bully, he is also a good trainer and athlete, though he does not show good sportsmanship. Ares acts as a minor antagonist in the Goddess Girl series, however can be a nice person when flirting with girls. 


Ares is considered very good-looking, among both mortals and immortals (this was even stated by Aphrodite on several occasions). Ares won the prize of the handsomest godboy among all the mortals. He is tall and has blond hair, confident blue eyes, bulging muscles, and is usually dressed in dark blue armor. He is also one of the most popular godboys in the academy.


Ares is considered a bit of bully, with Hephaestus, and occasionally Hades, being victims. He is egoistical and haughty, though does have a softer side, espcially when it comes to Aphrodite, who he has a crush on. He even sang a sweet song for her at a school dance, showing that he does truly care for her.  He is confident and has a high self-esteem, often boasting of his abilities. Ares likes to speak his mind even if it's an negative comment. He was Aphrodite's coach for the Heraen Games, and was extremely proud of her when she won her event. Ares is known to be one of the fastest godboy's in MOA. Ares won all the footraces ever since first grade. Ares also shares a dorm with Atlas. As of Aphrodite the Fair, where we see his P.O.V., he seems to have become a much kinder person than her was at his first introduction.

Love Life

Ares is one of the most handsomest godboy's in all of MOA so nobody can ever resist Ares, espically Aphrodite. Ares and Aphrodite had their up's and down's, positive's and negative's but no matter what, they always forgave each other. In the next book Aphrodite the Diva, Ares becomes a kinder person to Aphrodite and even writes her a love song at the school dance.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ares has superstrength and is great when it comes to war.
  • Ares is good at sparring and fighting.


  • Ares is the godboy of war.
  • High self-esteem.
  • Share's a dorm with Atlas.
  • Fastest godboy.
  • On-again off-again crush on Aphrodite.
  • Handsomest godboy.
  • In the band 'Heavons Above'.


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