Cassandra Big
Mom: Queen Hecuba
Dad: King Priam
Siblings: Helenus
Friends: Apollo
Enemies: Apollo (Formerly)
Athena (Formerly)
Aphrodite (Formerly)
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: fiery blonde
Crush: Apollo (possibly)

Cassandra is the mortal princess of Troy, and can predict the future, but no one believes her because Apollo put a curse on her. Cassandra currently sells "Opposite Oracle 'O Cookies" because her fortunes are the negative version of what she predicts.


Cassandra is the humble princess of Troy, fearful of her wrong actions, but very vengeful at the start of her comeback to Greece. Now, she is very grateful that the immortals didn't punish her, and is living well with them and now owns her own "Opposite Oracle 'O Cookies" shop, giving true fortune written by the opposite, so that others will believe her predictions. 


Cassandra has a fair complexion, with an emerald green dress/chiton with sleeves that have large pocket holes inside them. She also has star-shaped earrings, and a stars-and-moon headpiece and bracelet. Cassandra also has some purple polka dots on the rim of her sleeves and chiton. Her chiton also has two yellow buttons that keeps the two sides of it together. She has hazel, almond-shaped eyes and straight fiery blonde hair. 



Apollo has ruined Cassandra's reputation, by putting a curse on her in his so-called "temple". Later on, the gods felt empathy for her, and decided to make her smell the delicious scents of spices whenever she was about to make a prediction, so that she could literally smell the future. He tries to undo the spell near the end of the book, but fails, though Cassandra finally forgives him.

Although in the mythology, snakes came to her and licked her ears so that she could smell the future. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Cassandra can smell the future.
  • Sometimes, Cassandra can have extremely major (and clear) flashbacks that happen like they're yesterday. 
  • Cassandra is extremely innovative with her surroundings and is resourceful.


  • She is friends with Apollo, though the latter might have a possible crush on her (according to Artemis, his sister.)


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