Friends: Pheme
Enemies: Phaeton
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Crush: Pheme
God Of: Love
 Eros is a minor supporting character of the Goddess Girls (Series). He is the godboy of love.


He isn't described very thoroughly, but it is known that he has wings and bright, apple-red cheeks. He has blonde hair and brown eyes.


Eros is the type of guy to stick up for someone, especially Pheme. When Phaeton picked on her, he immediately told him to go away. He seems to really like Pheme, and can relate to her because of their duties.


  • He supposedly has a crush on Pheme.
  • In Greek mythology, his mother is Aphrodite
  • He and Pheme both have the same favorite color, orange. 
  • They (Eros and Pheme) have similar duties; spreading rumors or love around.
  • Once he realized that Phaeton was being mean to Pheme, he instantly comforted her and came to her aid. 


Eros currently has no pictures.

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