Aphrodite the beauty

Hephaestus is the one on the right, in the back.

Hephaestus is a student that goes to MOA. He's the godboy of blacksmiths. He used to have a crush on Aphrodite, but she matched him up with someone else who she thought he deserved more than her. He made a beautiful bracelet for Aphrodite, and she still wears it. 


Hephaestus is described by Aphrodite as not being very good-looking. He is lame in both legs, therefore needing a cane to walk. He has brown hair and blue-green eyes, which Aphrodite describes as being too close together. His forehead is too high, and his chin too weak.


Hephaestus is very kind and sweet, which is why it was so hard for Aphrodite to reject him. He's observant, able to tell that Aphrodite's favorite color is pink, whereas no other godboy had ever noticed before. He is very talented in crafting with metal, able to make three beautiful golden apples in a single night. He is a bit over-the-top when showing his affection, actually going as far as sending pink roses to Aphrodite. He is pure-hearted and gentle.


Aglaia - Aglaia is a minor character mentioned to be in a relationship with Hephaestus. They get along well.

Aphrodite - Hephaestus and Aphrodite have been close friends ever since Hephaestus has had a crush on her, however Aphrodite treats him more as a friend, which he still appreciates. Although Aphrodite found Hephaestus a big annoying at first, with him an extra addition to the boys who swoon over her, except he brings her flowers and presents more. Now, Aphrodite paired Hephaestus up with Aglaia.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hephaestus can easily forge anything out of metal.


  • He and Aglaia like each other.
  • He had a huge crush on Aphrodite.