Friends: Phaeton
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Relationships: Athena

Heracles is the demi-god of MOA, and he was sent to Mount Olympus by Zeus to do the 12 labors.


Heracles is very brave, and he doesn't really mind if he was to get hurt or take a risk. Heracles also likes doing quests, games, and challenges. 


Heracles skinned a lion after he slayed one, and when Persephone first saw that, she was very shocked. He wears skinned animals, and he carries a huge cavemen-like club that is extremely heavy.


  • His cousin Eurystheus wanted him to prove himself worthy.
  • If he did not accomplish all 12 on time, he would be banished from Mount Olympus.
  • At the time, Athena eagerly volunteered to help him complete all of them, from stealing Artemis' deer to winning the heart of a fair maiden, he got to stay because of their mutual love. 


The image gallery for Heracles may be viewed here.

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