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Athena The Brain

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Athena The Proud

Pheme is the goddessgirl of gossip and rumor. She is featured in Pheme The Gossip. She is infamous throughout MOA, and can tend to jump to conclusions at times. If desperate, Pheme can put down her gossiping ways and help. 


Pheme has short, spiky, bright orange hair and a pale skinny body. She has honey-colored eyes and normally wears an orange chiton due to orange being her favorite color. On the cover of Pheme the Gossip, she wears a lavender chiton. She once saved the world from being burned up; thus Zeus gave her cute, girly, sparkly, orange wings so she could spread important gossip faster and more efficiently.


Pheme can't keep a secret or a juicy piece of gossip to herself, thus often being considered a blabbermouth. However, it is seen that she dislikes seeing others in trouble and will try to help out. Even though Pheme sometimes can jump to conclusions, she enjoys picking out a random juicy piece of gossip to spread, and Pheme knows that some fo her friends would not trust her for any piece of their secrets or extra information, as one of the only things she enjoys doing at MOA is to spread gossip around.

Pheme also enjoys helping others, and maybe improve herself. In the epilogue in "Pheme The Gossip", she eagerly read the invitation from Teen Scrollazine as they hired her as a new position in their editing department, due to her amazing artwork she used to save MOA. 


Athena - Athena is very well aware that Pheme enjoys snooping, so Athena put a spell on her diaryscroll to turn her hands red, as proof that she wanted to go snooping. Pheme and Athena later become more of friends than enemies in the book, and Athena and her father thank her for saving Mount Olympus.

Iris - Pheme and Iris have been showing friendship signs to each other because she depended on Iris but Iris had to turn away. 

Medusa - Medusa and Pheme are more of best friends, as narrated in one of the books, they sit on the "unpopular kids" table, along with Pandora. 

Pandora - Pandora and Pheme have shown an amount of friendship throughout the series, and they sit together at lunch with Medusa. 


  • She seems to be friends with Medusa and Pandora.
  • Her words form into cloud-like bubble letters above her after she says them.
  • She loves the color orange.
  • Eros supposedly has a crush on her.
  • She has a dorm room all to herself.
  • Pheme decided to cut her hair short for easier hearing.


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  • She was January's Character Of The Month.