Posiden Big
Friends: Apollo
Enemies: Athena (sometimes)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Crush: Amphitrite (likely)
God Of: Water

Poseiden is a character in the Goddess Girls series. He is the godboy of the sea.


Poseidon has blond, chin-length hair and blue eyes. He wears a turquoise toga with a golden belt and always carries his trident. Though it is said in the first book that he has turquoise skin, on the cover it is seen it's of a normal color. 


Poseidon is a huge flirt, and usually, due to his good looks, he attracts a lot of attention from the girls. There are some exceptions, however, such as Athena, whom he tries harder to please, making him seem a little self-centered. He and Athena have a rivalry, it seems. However, he does respect Athena and her skill, as he didn't complain when her hero, Odysseus, won the Trojan War in the book Cassandra the Lucky. He instead congratulated her, saying that an A is a good enough grade for this class.


  • He flirts with almost every girl he sees.
  • He keeps his trident around all the time.
  • He kind of doesn't like Athena, expecially in Hero-ology, though he seems to respect her as a person.


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