Friends: Hera
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Orange
Relationships: Metis (formerly)
God Of: King Of Gods
 Zeus is the Principal of MOA, and the father of his favorite daughter, Athena, from which he nicknames "Theeny". In some books, it is shown that Zeus is very loyal to Hera, and he would do anything for her.  


Zeus is the king of the gods, ruler of the heavens and the Principal of MOA (Mount Olympus Academy). He loves his daughter Athena very much. However, he is often lazy and sometimes act like an overgrown child. He also loves to take credit for other peoples work. Zeus can be moody depending on what his mood is.


Zeus has a trusted daughter, Athena, the goddess girl of wisdom.  In Greek mythology, Athena was the only person he could trust with his thunderbolts. His wife was Metis but when Metis and Zeus had a disagreement, he married Hera. 


  • He is married.
  • He is short-tempered.
  • He has a sweet-tooth.
  • Zeus can be quite childish at times.
  • Zeus will do anything for Hera. 


The image gallery for Zeus may be viewed here.

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